How to Hide Your Septic Tank in Bothell

Hiding Septic Tank bothellWhile your septic tank performs a vital function, it’s not exactly aesthetically appealing. Even if the only visible part is the riser that extends several inches above ground level, it can still be an eyesore. There are some simple ways, however, to hide your septic tank or, at least, minimize its appearance in the background.

How NOT to Hide Your Septic Tank

Some homeowners decide to remove the septic riser. While the riser isn’t an essential element, it does make it easier for a technician to locate the opening and perform a septic inspection. We recommend leaving the riser intact; there are other ways to conceal the protrusion.

Even if the tank doesn’t have a riser, the manhole cover at ground level may still be visible. Some homeowners cover it up by planting sod grass over it. We don’t recommend this, because the grass will just be unearthed during a routine septic pump.

Use Landscaping Features

Homeowners have tried to cover the septic by planting trees and heavy bushes around it. This is a big no-no. While this won’t pose an immediate problem, once the trees mature the roots will extend themselves deeper and make their way into the pipes, causing a backup or even rupturing the pipe altogether. Instead, employ the use of potted plants and other hardscaping features, such as flagstones and decorative rocks. You can also incorporate other conventional garden décor such as lawn gnomes, plastic flamingos, clay vases, stone fountains, and stone-carved amphibians to enhance curb appeal.

Hide Your Septic Tank & We’ll Keep It in Good Health

Call Woodinville Septic Service to schedule your next inspection. Let us handle the septic installation, repairs and inspection. You just take care of hiding the septic to improve your landscape’s aesthetics. Contact us today for all your septic needs.

Tips to Hide Your Septic Tank Safely in Bothell

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