The Septic Tank Riser: Do You Need One in Kirkland?

Septic Tank Riser KirklandA septic tank riser is an affordable investment and is relatively easy to install. A riser makes it easier for homeowners and inspectors alike to locate the septic tank opening. Find out about the different types of risers and whether it’s a wise investment for you in Kirkland.

What Is a Septic Tank Riser?

A riser basically acts as an extension of the septic pipe that extends the opening to above ground level. This makes the opening easier to locate. Without a riser, the opening may by several inches, or even several feet, below the ground, thus making it far more difficult to access. A riser can be acquired through a septic service or even at your local Home Depot.

Riser Types

Risers are usually made from one of the following three materials:

Polyethylene — this is very lightweight and easy to install. Polyethylene is also resistant to soil erosion. However, it is vulnerable to water and gas leaks.

Concrete — Concrete is normally the cheapest option. Due to its heavy weight, it normally requires professional septic installation.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) — PVC is the most expensive option, but also the lightest and most durable. It’s easy to install and mostly leak proof.

Do You Need One?

Risers are not absolutely essential, but they can come in handy when you need to perform a quick visual inspection. However, some homeowners find the sight of a protruding pipe and manhole cover in the middle of the lawn unflattering. Ultimately, the choice is up to you. We can say with confidence, though, that a riser makes septic inspections far easier for the homeowner and professional technician alike.

We’ll Install a Riser for You

Call Woodinville Septic Service if your current septic system lacks a riser. Basic services like pumping and repairs are so much more expedient when there is a septic tank riser for quickly accessing the pipes.

Septic Tank Riser Installation for Convenient Septic Access

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