Does Your Septic Tank in Kirkland Have a Soakaway Problem?

Soakaway Problem KirklandAll septic tanks have soakaways, which are the pipes that connect the tank to the leach field.  The leach field, also known as the drain field, is the underground area on your property where your leach field pipes filter the wastewater from the tank into the soil. This water is eventually absorbed by the soil. When solid waste builds up in the septic tank, however, you end up with a soakaway problem.

Signs of a Soakaway Problem

The biggest telltale sign you have a soakaway issue is the presence of effluent puddles on the surface of your leach field. Your home may also alert you with the following signs.

  • A slow flushing or overflowing toilet
  • Gurgling noises in the drain
  • Washing machine overflow
  • Effluent discharging into the sink or shower drain

What Causes Soakaway Failure?

Soakaway failure can be due to a variety of issues. The most common cause is not having the septic tank pumped at regular intervals. Failure can also be due to inadequate construction of the soakaway. Older septic systems may contain borehole, crate, or tunnel soakaway systems. These types of soakaway systems have been banned by the Environmental Protection Agency General Binding Rules. A septic installation service will need to upgrade the soakaway if your system uses an outdated construction.

Finally, soakaways may also fail if the system is constructed underneath anaerobic soil. This type of soil produces black sludge that can block the pipes and interfere with the porosity of the soil.

The Solution

Typically, when there’s a clog or backup, the problem can be traced to either the septic tank, soakaway, or both. In any case, the problem can be prevented altogether by having your tank pumped and the soakaway jetted at least once a year.

Contact Us To Prevent A Soakaway Problem in Kirkland

You want your septic tank and soakaway to function well. For this to occur, septic inspections are crucial. Contact Woodinville Septic Service to ensure every component of the septic is running efficiently. Once you encounter a soakaway problem, extensive repairs will likely be required.

Solutions to Your Soakaway Problem in Kirkland

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