How to Measure Sludge Buildup in Your Septic Tank in Redmond

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Because of sludge build-up, all septic systems will eventually fail if not pumped regularly. This task needs to be performed by a professional service. However, you can perform a simple septic inspection yourself. There’s a simple DIY method for obtaining an accurate gauge of a tank or grease trap’s sludge buildup. Sludge accumulation is often the main culprit behind a clog or tank failure. By performing a quick checkup, you’ll know when it’s time to bring in an expert for routine septic tank pumping and cleaning.

The 3-Step Method for DIY Septic Inspections in Redmond

What You Need:

  • A long, sturdy pole, like the handle of a broomstick

  • A clean, light-colored towel

  • Duct or packaging tape

1. Use the tape to tightly secure the towel around one end of the pole. The towel should be wrapped so it encompasses at least three feet of the pole.

2. When you’re ready to begin, locate the tank’s outlet baffle and insert the pole into the chamber until it reaches the bottom. Click here to see what the outlet baffle looks like.

3. Keep the pole there for one to three minutes. Pull the pole out and measure the height of the sludge indicated on the towel. If the height of the sludge is 24 inches or more, the tank needs to be pumped.

Be sure to perform this septic inspection at least once a year.

In place of this method, you can also use an electronic septic tank monitor, which automatically measures sludge, scum, and grease levels. Some models also come with an alarm feature that immediately notifies you when a backup occurs.

What’s in the Sludge?

The sludge at the bottom of the tank is comprised of various forms of “settleable solids.” For the most part, the good bacteria inside the tank will eventually degrade these solids, though often not quickly enough to prevent a backup, which is why it’s necessary to have the system pumped.

Professional Sludge Build-Up Inspections in Redmond

Even with this nifty DIY method, it’s best to have an inspection done by a professional. At Woodinville Septic Service we offer septic system installation and pumping and repair. Contact us for all your septic servicing needs today.

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