Septic Systems and Plants Can Be A Destructive Combination in Woodinville

Septic Systems and Plants WoodinvilleSeptic systems and plants can be dangerous together. Dense grass and lush vegetation in your yard certainly enhances curb appeal. However, plant growth also means a lot of root activity taking place underground. This isn’t always a good thing, at least not as it relates to your Woodinville septic system. As roots spread down through the soil, some of them can find their way into the pipes. Since roots gravitate towards a water source, they may find their way into your septic tank and pipes, causing extensive damage.

How Roots May Damage Your Septic System

Tree and bush roots may invade a pipe if there is a crack or exposed opening. Even if just a tiny root tip gets in, the root will continue to grow and cause a major blockage in the plumbing system. Over time, as the roots continue to grow and expand, they can eventually rupture the pipes completely, causing water and sewage to leak into your yard.

A blocked septic system can drastically slow your drainage.  In the worst cases it can bring your system to a halt altogether. Unfortunately, since the pipes are located beneath the dirt and foundation, an inspection isn’t exactly a DIY process. Septic system inspections should only be performed by a professional. An inspector can diagnose the problem and determine a solution before the problem gets irreparable.

Attempting a DIY Quick-Fix can Do More Harm than Good

If you suspect roots inside your pipes, don’t think the solution is as simple as pouring Drano into the drain. First of all, store-bought drain cleaners contain hazardous chemicals that can cause long-term damage to pipes. Pipes damaged beyond repair by abrasive chemicals may require a new septic system installation. Secondly, such cleaners are designed for minor blockages, such as those caused by a buildup of hair, grease and food particles. Drain cleaners are insufficient for repairing an entire root system.

Always leave septic pumping & repairs to the professionals. You should contact a technician if you begin noticing an unusually slow drainage. This is also not a repair you should postpone. Doing so will only cause the problem to get worse and possibly result in tremendous and costly damage.

Ensuring Septic Systems and Plants Aren’t At Odds

Once a technician is called in, the problem can normally be fixed using an auger to clear the roots. In the worst case scenario, several points of the sewage line may have to be replaced to ensure there are no cracks or access points in the joints. This will ensure that roots can’t make their way back in once removed. Whatever the case may be, contact the experts at Woodinville Septic Service septic systems and plants aren’t at odds.

Expert Advice About Septic Systems and Plants in Woodinville

Posted on May 20, 2020 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business