Septic Tank Care Do’s and Don’ts

septic tank care Redmond Kirkland BothellTop Things to AVOID in Septic Tank Care

  • Never dig without knowing the location of your septic tank care system.
  • Don’t drive over your septic tank unless it’s equipped with a special traffic lid.
  • Never dump your RV waste into your septic tank.
  • Avoid using special additives touted to enhance your septic system performance, as they can cause major damage to your drain field.
  • Never flush dangerous and damaging substances in to your wastewater.
  • Don’t connect rain gutters or storm drains to your septic system.
  • Under no circumstances, ever enter your septic tank. Any pumping and repair work should be done from the outside and only by a professional. Gases within the tank can deplete oxygen levels and be fatal.

Positive Practices You Can Follow to Keep Your Septic System Running Smoothly

  • Keep your tank access lid secure to the riser at all times.
  • Schedule regular septic system monitoring and maintenance by a professional.
  • Keep a file of your septic service provider’s sludge and scum monitoring report & pump-out schedule.
  • Keep an ‘As-Built’ septic system diagram in a safe place for reference.
  • Collect cooking grease in a container and dispose of in the trash, not in the sink.
  • Avoid excessive garbage disposal use, as food by-products accelerate the need for pumping and maintenance.
  • Conserve water and keep lint out of your wastewater system by cleaning your washer filter after each load.
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Septic Tank Care If You’re Planting a Garden

  • Don’t plant a vegetable garden on or near the drain field or reserve area
  • Plants over the septic system may be disturbed or destroyed with service or septic system installation
  • Don’t put plastic sheets, bark, gravel or other fill over the drain field or reserve area
  • Don’t reshape or fill the ground surface over the drain field and reserve area (just adding topsoil is generally OK as long as it doesn’t exceed a couple of inches over the drain field area)
  • Grass or the existing native vegetation are the best covers for your drain field and reserve area
  • Direct all surface drainage areas away from the septic system
  • Use shallow-rooted plants
  • Avoid water-loving plants and trees
  • Don’t make ponds on or near the septic system and the reserve area

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