When Do You Need a Septic Inspection for Your Woodinville Home?

Septic System Inspections for Woodinville Residences

Septic tankHomeowners hardly ever think about their septic system, if ever, but a lot of things can go wrong and often eventually do. Getting a septic system inspection doesn’t require digging up the yard or any other invasive procedure. It’s also more affordable than you likely believe. So when do you need a septic inspection? Let’s examine the scenarios that warrant a checkup.

Get An Inspection When Buying a New Home

It’s possible the previous homeowner has documented records of all septic system pumping and inspections. If not, then there’s really no way to know how long it’s been since your new home’s septic tank was last treated. The tank may be just weeks away from being full, making for a truly unpleasant upcoming housewarming. A septic inspection informs you of the current state of affairs underground.

Get an Inspection if There Are Signs of a Problem

Septic system issues are sometimes obvious, and sometimes less subtle and harder to pinpoint. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, an inspection can track down the cause.

  • Blackish rings appear around the toilet bowl
  • Foul odor from drains
  • Frequent backups when flushing the toilet
  • Foul odors around the septic tank
  • Sinks drain slowly

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Get an Inspection After Heavy Rainfall

After a major storm that included flooding or trees falling on your property in the area of the drain field, it pays to have an inspection done. Severe weather can stress the septic system, causing it to rupture and overflow as rainwater fills the tank. If you feel you’ve had a weather event that could’ve damaged your septic system or drain field, schedule an inspection ASAP.

If you’re in eastern King or southern Snohomish County and need to plan your septic tank’s maintenance schedule, give us a call at 425-249-4217. Our fully licensed inspectors and installation/repair experts at Woodinville Septic Service can quickly and affordably provide you with a detailed report on your septic system’s health. Knowing when to get a septic inspection will save tons of headaches down the road.

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