Why Do Homeowners Prefer a Septic System Over a Sewer Connection?

septic system, prefer septic systemSome homes require a septic system because they have no way to connect to a municipal sewer line. However, some homeowners opt for a septic system by choice. Why, exactly, do they prefer a septic system rather than a sewer connection?

A Septic System Is Cheaper (Usually)

A septic system installation may save you money over time. After the initial installation cost, there are no costs other than the regular septic tank pumping. The tank only needs to be emptied every one to three years, on average. With a sewer system, there are recurring monthly service fees.

Of course, a septic system can also end up costing you more if you maintain it poorly. If you toss items down the drain willy-nilly, expect more frequent backups and expensive septic system repairs.

Septic Systems Are More Eco-Friendly

Most cities are taking pro-active steps to ensure that local wastewater is properly treated. However, many municipal sewer systems still treat wastewater using chlorine before dumping it into local rivers. Some experts fear this may disrupt the ecosystem.

With a septic system, natural-occurring bacteria break down the waste. You don’t have to, nor should you, ever use any chemical additives in an attempt to clean the tank.

More Control

Some homeowners feel they have more control over their water supply by not relying on a city-run sewer line. Since the septic system belongs to you and rests on your property, you get to dictate how it’s managed. Furthermore, you decide when a septic system inspection is warranted and not a city employee.

We Maintain Your Septic System

Some homes are certainly better off connected to a sewer line. However, we know of homeowners who prefer a septic system because it’s cheaper, more eco-friendly, and evokes a sense of independence. If you personally prefer a septic system, then give Woodinville Septic Service a call.

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