Septic System Winterization: How to Protect the Septic System from the Cold

Many homeowners are familiar with plumbing winterization, yet the same attention isn’t given to the septic system for some reason. Cold temperatures can interfere with how the system functions. Therefore, septic system winterization is important with the cold season in full swing.

Insulate the Drainfield

Insulation is key from keeping the pipes below the drainfield from freezing. Insulation is simple: allow the grass to grow to a height of about six-inches. Another option is to apply biodegradable mulch in the form of leaves, straw, etc.

Stop Dripping Faucets

Be sure all faucets in the home are completely shut. Dripping can cause water to accumulate and freeze in the pipes. Freezing typically occurs at the point where the septic pipe leaves the home. Also, when you use the water, let it warm up. The hot water will defrost some of the frozen water in the pipes.

Frozen water in the septic pipes can cause a backup requiring an immediate septic system inspection. Most often, a septic tank pumping is required, though the frozen water has to be defrosted first.

Maintain Light Traffic

This applies year-round, but try not to put too much weight on the drainfield. This means avoid parking vehicles directly over the field or placing heavy machinery/equipment on it for prolonged periods. Heavy weight and pressure compact the soil, allowing the frost to penetrate more deeply and reach the pipes.

Be Mindful of Recent Septic System Installations

Did you install a septic system within the last year? A new system has a new drainfield still bare of grass. This leaves the system vulnerable to the freezing elements. This is where mulching really becomes important.

Make Septic System Winterization a Priority

If you suspect freezing has already occurred due to a backup, then the next logical step is to call Woodinville Septic Service. Prevention, though, begins with septic system winterization.

Winter Septic System Care

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