Septic Tank Pumping Schedule: How Often Should You Empty Out the Tank?

septic tank pumping, septic tank scheduleMost homeowners never arrange for a septic pumping until they notice a backup or a soggy drainfield. To avoid the massive inconvenience associated with a clog, you should establish a normal septic tank pumping schedule. The frequency of pumping, though, is dependent on multiple factors.

How Big Is Your Household and Septic System?

The two primary factors are the number of permanent occupants and the size of the tank. Let’s begin with the septic tank size, which can range from 500 to 2,500 gallons. Next is the home size; residences generally have anywhere between one and seven occupants.

Next, let’s explore the extreme ends. If you have seven people in the home and a small 500-gallon tank, then the pumping interval should be about once every four months. At the other extreme, you may have a solo occupant in a home with a massive 2,500-gallon tank. In this scenario, pumping would only be required about once every 22 years.

Of course, most households fall in somewhere in between. The average house size is four occupants who are served by a 1,000-gallon tank. The pumping interval in this instance would be once every 2.5 years. Using this as a reference point, you can increase the length between pumps by five years for every 500-gallon increase in the tank size. Reduce the length of time by one year for each additional person in the household.

Additional Factors

Other factors come into play. Do you have a baby in the home? The baby counts, by the way, as an occupant. Other variables that increase frequency include:

  • Use of a garbage disposal
  • How often you invite guests over
  • Frequent use of a water conditioner or softener

Commit to a Septic Tank Pumping Schedule

Septic inspections are necessary as a part of preventive maintenance. This applies even to recent septic system installations. Commit yourself to a septic tank pumping schedule by calling Woodinville Septic Service; this will prevent the heartache of a backup.

Residential Septic Tank Pumping

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