How Does a Water Softener Affect a Septic System?

septic water softener, water softenerHardwater isn’t too common in the Woodinville area. Nevertheless, some homeowners have complained of cloudy water. A water softener is the surefire solution. However, some people worry using a water softener might harm the septic tank. Let’s explore how the water softener and septic system interact?

How Does a Water Softener Work?

First, let’s explain the inner workings of a water softener. The system removes the “hardness” in hardwater, which mainly consists of dissolved mineral like calcium and magnesium. It does so through an ion exchange process. Water softeners contain tiny resin beads negatively charged with sodium ions. The negative charge draws the positively charged minerals out of the water.

Water softeners also contain a brine tank that restores the sodium ions’ positive charge. This is where the concern mainly arises.

Does a Water Softener Impact the Septic System?

Does a water softener affect the health of your septic system? This is a frequently asked question among homeowners who have experienced hard water in their tap. Some are concerned that the brine’s heavy salt concentrations can harm the septic tank’s bacterial content.

A study from the Water Quality Research Foundation revealed good news for water softener owners. Research shows that the brine, containing the hardwater’s absorbed mineral deposits, helps the solids from the septic tank settle to the bottom. This helps offset issues that may warrant a septic system inspection.

That’s not all. A separate study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison shows that the softened water actually helps the beneficial bacteria. This promotes the timely breakdown of solids.

We Address all Septic Tank Concerns

Whether you own a water softener or not, remember that septic tanks require a pumping every three to four years. Call Woodinville Septic Service to schedule the next maintenance. The connection between water softeners and septic systems is a positive one, so there’s no need for worry.

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