Septic System Installation Preparation: Tips for a Hassle-Free Process

septic installation tips, septic installationA septic system installation on your property is a big undertaking. A huge portion of your property, after all, is going to be exhumed and inaccessible for several days. Follow these septic system installation preparation tips to make the process less of a hassle and headache.

Legalize the Installation

Even though it’s on private property, you may still require a permit. You will need to apply through the local health department and submit installation blueprints. We are familiar with the logistics set forth by most health departments in areas like Woodinville, Redmond, and Kirkland. We can assist you with this step.

Inform Your Neighbors

If you have neighbors living in close proximity, the courteous thing to do is to inform them of the upcoming installation. The process involves heavy machinery, noise pollution, construction-like work, crew members coming in and out, etc.

Test the Soil

We will perform a soil test when you give Woodinville Septic Service a call. However, some homeowners opt to perform a test themselves using a simple DIY soil test kit. Not all locations are viable spots for an installation. The soil conditions need to be right in order to percolate effluent back into the groundwater. If the soil is too compact, the conditions may not be good.

Have Water Available

During installation, the home’s water source will need to be shut off for at least a day. Prepare in advance by having bottled drinking water. During this time, avoid flushing the toilet, doing the laundry, or taking showers.

We Assist You in Septic System Installation Preparation

After installation, we can continue to be your go-to source for septic system inspection and pumping. Call Woodinville Septic Service if it’s time for a new installation or the replacement of an aging system. Following these septic system installation tips will ensure that the process runs smoothly.

Professional Septic System Installation

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