Why Do I Hear Running Water in the Septic System?

septic system running water, septic water problemYou may be aware that a gurgling noise is a sign of a septic system blockage. However, homeowners may also hear the sound of flowing water. Is this normal? Should you be concerned if you hear running water in the septic system? We explore some of the possible causes.

Leaking Groundwater

If you hear running water, it may indicate that groundwater is leaking into the septic tank. For a system constructed of concrete, a crack in the slab can cause water penetration. If the system is composed of steel, then rust may be the culprit. A septic system inspection will determine the cause of the leak. A big enough of a crack may even necessitate a new septic system installation.

Blocked Drain Field

In a healthy drain field, wastewater exits the septic tank into the drain field. The soil and gravel act as the filter. However, if the drain field contains too many solids or too much effluent buildup, the wastewater will have nowhere to go. The sound of running water is the wastewater flowing back into the tank.

A Faulty Septic Pump

Some septic systems may contain a septic pump if the drain field is located above the tank. If the pump is not working, for whatever reason, the wastewater in the drain field may trickle back down towards the tank.

What to Do if You Hear Running Water in the Septic System?

A healthy septic system should not make any noise. If you have an aerobic system, though, then it may have an air pump. This makes a slightly audible humming noise. Beyond that, arrange for an inspection if you hear atypical sounds.

Hear Running Water? Give Us a Call

Homeowners are not supposed to hear running water noises in their septic system. It may require a pumping or other servicing. Give Woodinville Septic Service a call. Running water in the septic system is not normal and indicates an underlying issue.

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