Common Problems with a Septic Lift Station

septic lift stationSeptic systems are common in homes in rural areas that don’t have direct connections to a municipal sewer line. Many of these systems also have a septic lift station, which may experience difficulties and cause backup problems. How do you know when a septic lift station is having troubles?

What Is a Septic Lift Station?

When installing a septic system, builders usually construct the system on a slightly higher-to-lower slope. That is, the main septic system is above the drain field. This ensures that water and effluent naturally flow downward. However, in some rural areas, the system may be built at an elevation where the drain field is above the system. In the absence of gravity, a septic lift station takes over and shuttles the water from a lower to a higher position on the slope.

Common Problems with the Septic Lift Station

  • Faulty Motor: The motor may eventually wear out, causing function to cease altogether.
  • Cracked Pipes: The pipes around the motor may crack, leading to fluid leakage. This can prevent the septic tank from draining, leading to a backup.
  • Alignment Problems: Shifting soil conditions may cause the lift station to fall out of alignment with the septic system.

Signs of Septic Lift Station Failure

One primary sign is a sewage backup. This usually occurs due to blockage; but it may also be a sign that the lift station’s pump is failing. Naturally, this will lead to more frequent septic pumping. An even bigger telltale sign occurs when the high-water alarm goes off, which means the water is rising. This may happen because the lift station pump is not functioning properly.

We Repair Septic Lift Stations

Is your septic system acting up? Call Woodinville Septic Service. A septic system inspection will determine whether the problem lies with the septic lift station or elsewhere. Septic lift station failure is a serious issue that can quickly lead to a backup.

Septic Lift Station Repair and Replacement

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