Why Is My Septic System Gurgling?

gurgling septic system, septic gurglingA gurgling noise in your pipes is not a sound you hope to hear. This is a dead giveaway that something is amiss with the plumbing. A gurgling septic system probably indicates a blockage. The system may also have a number of other imminent issues.

Blocked Sewer Pipes

The most likely cause is a blockage between the residential pipes and the septic pipes outside. When this happens, your drains may still function okay on a regular day. However, during heavy water use, such as when you do the laundry, expect the water to backup. The gurgling noise stems from the larger amount of water that’s struggling to flow past the blockage.

Worn Drain Vents

The drain vent shuttles the sewer gas out of the pipes. This component may also make gurgling noises. This may especially be the case if you hear gurgling noises immediately after flushing the toilet. Of course, a gurgling toilet may also indicate a partial clog within the house pipes and not the septic pipes. In any case, a septic system inspection will definitely confirm a damaged drain vent.

Full Septic Tank

Blockages may also arise in the tank itself. Your septic system gurgling may come from the waste holding unit if it’s near capacity. Or, some of the waste could also rest in the pipes, leading to a blockage.

A blockage may also be accompanied by water pooling around the drain field. A septic pump will resolve the issue. Periodic inspections will also prevent a full tank from ocurring in the first place. We consider a tank full when liquid and waste reaches above the outlet pipe.

We Fix a Gurgling Septic Tank

Contact Woodinville Septic Service if you hear gurgling or other out-of-the-ordinary sounds from the plumbing. Remedies range from a simple pump to a new septic system installation. A gurgling septic system is not a problem to take lightly.

Septic Blockage Prevention

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