Four Septic System Resolutions for 2019

septic system resolutions, septic systemCan you believe that 2019 is here? We know that you have some new goals, some of which are probably carryovers from 2018. On top of your existing aspirations, we suggest adding some septic system resolutions to the mix. This can be part of a bigger home-related resolution.

1. Know the Pump Interval

When was the last time you scheduled a septic pumping, if ever? Standard residential septic tanks require a pumping every three to five years. We know that saving money is a common resolution, and scheduled pumping helps you achieve that end.

A typical pumping cost between $75 and $200. A septic system repair, by contrast, averages $1,541, according to Home Advisor.

2. Conserve Water Use

Adopting a greener lifestyle is another common resolution. Saving water is one way to go about this. This also helps the septic system process water more gradually. To prevent overtaxing the system, avoid back-to-back showers and/or laundry loads.

3. Educate the Household

This is especially important if you have children in the home who tend to throw items in the toilet willy-nilly. Drill it in their heads that no manmade items besides toilet paper should ever go into the toilet. The same goes for the kitchen and bathroom sinks; no man-made items, including oil-based products.

4. Install a New System

Some homes have outdated septic systems that no longer run efficiently. An inspection will determine if a replacement is the best course of action. A standard septic system installation for a three-bedroom home with good soil conditions runs anywhere from $1,500 to $4,000.

We Fulfill Septic System Resolutions

Make a commitment this year to care for your septic system. This will indirectly help you with other goals. Contact Woodinville Septic Services as part of a septic system resolution as we welcome 2019.

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