Septic System Health Risks: Can the System Make You Ill?

septic system health risk, septic healthA septic system failure can lead to plumbing backups and an overflooded drain field. That’s not all, though; it can also make home occupants physically ill. Septic system health risks are especially serious if the household contains children and seniors.

How Could Your Septic System Make You Sick?

When a septic system starts to backup, it releases various gasses. One such fume is methane, which is not only flammable but also toxic. Another is sulfide, which can cause migraines, nausea, delirium, and convulsions in severe instances. Fumes may also carry airborne bacteria and allergens. These gasses may enter the home through drains or through leaks in the sewer piping or the toilet seal. Other possible entry points are the air ducts and HVAC system.

A backed up septic system can also force wastewater back into the house. That’s grey and blackwater teeming with harmful pathogens. This is all the more reason to schedule regular septic pumping. The health risks associated with septic systems are mostly avoidable.

Septic Systems and Well Water

Some older homes in the Woodinville area still utilize an old-style well for acquiring water. These homes almost always have a septic system, usually an outdated model. These lack the proper surrounding sand and gravel to filter contaminants. An inadequate filtering bed enables wastewater to reach the well. Wastewater may contain parasites, including worms and protozoans. This also includes various fungi that can lead to respiratory infections and skin irritation.

Older systems require more frequent septic system inspections or the installation of a new model.

We Keep Your Septic System in Running Order

An unmaintained septic system can become a serious health risk for everyone under your roof, including pets. Call Woodinville Septic Service to schedule a checkup. Septic System health risks are no joke and can compromise your family’s well-being.

Interval Septic System Checkup

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