How Do Storms Affect Septic Systems?

storms septic systemsMonsoons aren’t exactly commonplace in the King County area. However, rough storms do occur every now and then. What is the impact of storms on septic systems? What can you do to keep the system from flooding?

Storms and Septic Systems: What’s the Connection?

Storms mean heavy rainfall, which can flood the soil absorption area that comprises the drain field. Once this area is saturated, the wastewater from the septic system has nowhere to go. The effluent then travels back into the plumbing system, backing up the sinks, drains, and toilets.

Prevention Before the Storm

Check the weather forecast. If you anticipate heavy rainfall, take the following measures:

  • Schedule a septic system inspection. A system already near its breaking point will have a harder time dealing with a flooded drain field. We recommend an inspection even for relatively new septic system installations.
  • Direct all gutters and spouts away from the drain field.
  • Keep vehicles and heavy equipment off the drain field. Excess weight causes soil compaction and reduces the soil’s ability to eliminate effluent.

During and After the Storm

If you notice slow drainage during the rain, that means your system is under tremendous stress. You can’t do much for the time being, other than minimize water use.

When the storm passes, inspect the drain field. Is it still saturated? If heavy puddling is present and drains are still draining slowly, call septic system services. An inspector may need to pump the system. Even if puddling is minimal, dirt and silt may have entered the system and may pose problems down the line.

We Prevent Storm-Related Damage

Monsoons aren’t a major problem in the Pacific Northwest. However, heavy rain spells do occur and require your attention. Call Woodinville Septic Service for a pre-storm inspection. The implications of storms for septic systems are serious and call for professional intervention.

Storm Damage Prevention

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