How a Leaky Toilet Affects the Septic System

leaky toilet septic system, hydraulic overloadingMost homeowners believe a leaky toilet is purely an indoor plumbing problem. They believe a call to a local plumber will fix the issue. Unfortunately, the ramifications may go beyond the indoor pipes. A leaky toilet affects the septic system as well.

The Truth About Toilets and Septic Systems

A leak from a toilet, or even the faucet, may not seem like a big deal. A few drips here and there may seem negligible. However, the drops do add up and can end up flooding the septic tank and drain field. In turn, the water can’t properly flow out of the septic system, ultimately causing premature failure. Septic system technicians refer to this as hydraulic overloading. We can tell you for a fact that hydraulic overloading is a primary cause of septic system repairs.

How Leaks Destroy Septic Systems

Every time you use water in the home, the H2O flows through the septic line and eventually into the drain field. Peak water use usually occurs in the evenings; this is also when the septic system works the hardest. It then receives a much-needed break during sleeping hours when water use diminishes. However, if a toilet is leaking, then the septic system is receiving and dumping water throughout the night. This eventually floods the drain field.

That’s not all; when the water has nowhere to go, it backs up and returns to the home, blocking the toilet and other drains. Now, not only do you need a septic system inspection but also a plumbing fix.

Don’t Let a Leaky Toilet Affect the Septic System

Even a new septic system installation from Woodinville Septic Service can’t handle too much water. Be sure to address a seemingly minor leak right away. A leaky toilet can affect the septic system to a far greater degree than one might expect.

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