Septic Tank Pumping for Large Households

septic tank pumping, large household septicHow big is your household? Do you have a spouse along with multiple children and additional relatives? Septic tank pumping for large households is especially important due to the frequent use of the toilet, showers, and laundry.

What Constitutes a Large Household?

This is subjective, but our definition of a large household is a family of five or more. More occupants under a single roof means heavier use of the dishwasher, the garden hose, etc. This is taxing on the septic system. Scheduling a regular septic tank pumping, therefore, becomes all the more necessary.

Pumping Frequency Intervals

These guidelines are just a rough estimate. Only a septic system inspection can determine an accurate interval. Nevertheless, we generally recommend the following:

  • A family of two: pump the tank every three years
  • A family of three: pump the tank every two years
  • A family of four: pump the tank every year
  • A family of five or more: pump the tank once to twice a year

Remember, the actual pumping frequency may be higher depending on how heavily you use your utilities. A family of two that frequently invites guests over, for example, may require the same pumping interval as a five-person family.

Other factors that may increase pumping intervals include the use of a garbage disposal or water softener. If toilets and sinks take a while to completely drain, then you need to bring in an inspector. The same goes if you notice odors coming from the drain field or wastewater puddles appearing on the surface.

We Pump Septic Tanks for Large Households

Woodinville Septic Service has pumped septic tanks for households of 10+ people. See our FAQ page if you have additional pumping or related enquiries. Septic tank pumping for large households is extremely important to prevent undue stress on the tank and connecting pipes.

Septic Tank Pumping for all Household Sizes

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