Do You Have a Plumbing or a Septic Problem?

septic problem, plumbing problemHomeowners tend to use the terms “plumbing” and “septic” interchangeably. They denote similar but not identical systems. Regardless, if you have a pipe issue, it could be a plumbing problem or a septic problem Can a plumber diagnose a septic problem and vice versa?

Plumbers Are not Septic System Technicians

Plumbing and septic are two separate industries and do not overlap. Plumbers are far more common and well known. This doesn’t mean, though, that you can phone a plumber for a septic inspection. Many of our clients initially phone a plumber, only to be redirected to us. Likewise, we’re not adept at installing a heater or repairing a dishwasher.

We have heard stories of plumbers attempting to fix a septic problem. More often than not, this results in a misdiagnosis or a cost estimate way off the mark.

How to Distinguish Between a Plumbing Problem and a Septic Problem

To determine the type of problem, locate your septic cleanout. This is the PVC pipe with removable cap that juts out of the drain field. Open the cap and look inside. Do you see effluent and other waste? If you see nothing, then more than likely you have a plumbing problem. This is a sign that wastewater is not reaching the cleanout.

If you see wastewater inside, then the problem may stem from the septic system or a blockage between the tank and the cleanout. In this scenario, the problem could either be a septic or plumbing issue. We recommend giving us a call. We will redirect you to a plumber if the problem involves the indoor pipes.

Come to Us for Septic Issues

If you have a septic concern, then phone Woodinville Septic Service. Plumbers do not have the training to handle septic installations or answer septic questions. Just because septic systems and plumbing systems both involve pipes does not mean they systems are interchangeable.

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