Grass and Septic Systems: What Your Grass Is Telling You About Your Septic

septic system grassYour septic system probably lies below your lawn, with the lawn acting as the drainfield. The grass and the septic system beneath it actually work hand-in-hand because the soil absorbs the effluent. The state of the grass may also be an indicator of the septic system’s health.

How Septic Systems Affect Grass

Is the grass above the septic lush and green? Yes, this is mostly a positive; however, this may also yield some insight into the state of your septic system. If the grass is particularly lush—more so when compared to adjacent areas—then this may be a sign of a leak. This may indicate excess effluent is reaching the soil instead of settling down through the system.

Of course, vibrant grass isn’t an automatic indicator of a problem. However, if you also notice other symptoms, such as odors, toilet backups, or gurgling drains, then it’s time for a septic inspection.

Have Brown Grass?

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you may notice brown grass. Obviously, the grass is not receiving enough water, but what does this say about your septic system? The soil directly over the drainfield is thinner, usually about six to 12-inches thick. This makes it more prone to drying out. The browning is actually a good sign that the septic system is functioning properly.

You may be tempted to water the area, but don’t do it. Giving the leach field extra water may overload the drainage pipes and compact the soil. Compact soil has less oxygen, thereby containing less good bacteria to break down effluent.

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Call Woodinville Septic Service for an installation, or if you notice multiple symptoms of a backup in an existing system. It may require a repair and pump. Grass and septic systems are inextricably linked, so the former may say something about the septic system’s health.

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