Introducing Sewer Buddy: A New Septic Tank Technology

sewer buddySeptic tanks have changed over the decades. Modern systems function far more efficiently compared to older systems. Technicians continue to test new component technology in order to improve system function. One new component generating a lot of buzz in the industry is a septic attachment known as the Sewer Buddy.

What Is the Sewer Buddy?

The Sewer Buddy isn’t too sophisticated. It’s simply a device that contains microbes. When you install the device in your septic system, it cleans the water that passes through it because the microbes kill harmful contaminants.

Does It Work?

While a device like the Sewer Buddy sounds wonderful in theory, does it actually perform its intended function? Researchers have already tested a prototype and installed several units in participating households in South Carolina.

The Results?

At this point researchers haven’t been able to determine whether the Sewer Buddy is really killing harmful contaminants. However, several participating households have noticed a decrease in septic odors. This was especially apparent after rainfall when odors are normally more noticeable.

Even if such a device was to become mainstream, it wouldn’t replace the need for regular septic inspections and pumping. An attachment like the Sewer Buddy is meant to supplement your existing septic system. It’s not a universal cure-all for your septic woes.

Visit the news site WLOX to learn more about the Sewer Buddy and how it’s impacting local residences.

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