What Is a Clarifier Tank and Why Should You Clean It?

clarifier tankIf you own a business and the facility has a septic system, then it probably has a clarifier tank. This is a vital septic system part that prevents effluent buildup. We’ll explain the nuts and bolts of this vital component and why you have to clean it at regular intervals.

What Is a Clarifier?

Most commercial septic tanks have a clarifier. This is especially so if your business uses a large amount of water. Restaurants and car washing services are good examples of industries that probably have a clarifier. This component filters wastewater and prevents it from reaching the municipal sewer system. This ensures the water is clean enough for public waste facilities to treat before it reenters the city’s water supply.

Thus a dirty clarifier tank leads to contaminated water. Dirty clarifier tanks are also in violation of safety codes, which can result in hefty fines. This is why regular septic inspections are so important for keeping your business in compliance with the law.

Clarifier Tank Cleaning

The clarifier cleaning process is complex and involves more than just a septic pumping. The clarifier is divided into these three components:

  • Sludge removal system—This removes the sludge once gravity brings the waste to the bottom of the tank. You need to empty the system regularly.
  • Effluent system—This makes up the bulk of the clarifier. A technician needs to clean the interior using a brush to remove harmful waste.
  • Drive unit—This is essentially the motor that powers the clarifier. The drive unit is vulnerable to rust, which can inhibit operation.

We Clean Clarifier Tanks for Businesses

Make 2018 a year to care for your business. We also install septic systems and clarifier tanks for new businesses under construction. Call Woodinville Septic Service to ensure an existing clarifier tank remains within municipal building code standards.

Clarifier Tank Cleaning and Servicing

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