How to Dispose of Turkey Grease

turkey greaseIn our past posts, we have discussed the dangers of pouring grease down the drain. With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, we feel we need to emphasize it some more. This time, we’ll present some statistical facts regarding turkey grease and what happens when this substance goes down a drain.

Why Turkey Grease Is So Harmful

While turkey is a lean source of protein, it also produces a lot of grease. According to Roto Rooter, emergency plumbing calls increase by about 50% in the Friday and weekend following Thanksgiving.

We also receive an increased number of calls from septic owners in the weeks after Thanksgiving. An inspection almost always reveals solidified grease in the septic pipes or an overflowing grease trap. Pumping is almost always the next step. This is because homeowners put that greasy pan in the dishwasher, or wash it by hand without wiping away the grease first.

In a 2004 research document, the EPA also estimated that grease is the number one cause of blocked municipal sewers. As far as the environmental impact goes, the blockage causes the public sewers to discharge up to 10 billion gallons of raw sewage every year.

The Right Way to Dispose Grease

  • Use disposable towels to absorb grease. The same goes for sauces, such as ranch and barbecue dip, which also contain grease.
  • Use disposable plates or instruct guests to leave their dishes on the table after eating.
  • If you have enough grease to fill a cup, pour it in a disposable container and toss it out once the grease congeals.

Give Your Septic System Extra Care this Holiday

Woodinville Septic Service is available for septic installation and regular servicing all year round. Call us if the septic system isn’t operating smoothly. This Thanksgiving and Christmas, be sure to responsibly dispose of turkey grease by keeping it away from drains at all cost.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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