Why Securing the Septic Tank Lid is Necessary

securing the septic tank lidAll septic systems have a lid. If you have a riser, then the lid will protrude several inches from the ground. As a precautionary measure, be sure the lid is securely fastened at all times. This may seem like a no-brainer, but an open lid is a safety hazard if children and pets are present. We’ll explain why securing the septic tank lid is necessary.

Accidents Do Happen

In 2014 at a mobile home park in Florida, a toddler fell into a septic tank. Fortunately, two good Samaritans spotted and rescued the boy. According to one of the heroes, the boy appeared lifeless as he administered CPR.

This story isn’t an isolated one. Every year, stories arise of young children falling into an unsecured septic tank. During septic inspections, technicians also often find the remains of small animals, including household cats and dogs that went missing some years ago.

The average septic opening is about 6-feet deep. A young child will have almost no chance of climbing out. The same goes for small pets.

Safety Rules Around Septic Lids

  • Know the location of the septic. Quite a few homeowners actually have no idea where the lid is, especially if the lid doesn’t have a riser and is flush with ground level.
  • Keep all children and pets indoors when a technician is pumping the tank.
  • Business and apartment complex owners should consider installing a fence around the septic lid.
  • Instruct your kids not to treat the lid and/or riser as a playground.

We’ll Do the Work of Securing the Septic Tank Lid

Upon request, Woodinville Septic Service can bolt the lid as part of a septic installation or maintenance. Though the tank itself is out of sight, it’s still dangerous. Securing the septic tank lid ensures that the area doesn’t become an accident waiting to happen.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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