Is Septic-Safe Toilet Paper Really Biodegradable?

Septic-Safe Toilet PaperIf your home runs on a septic system, then we recommend that homeowners only use septic-safe toilet paper. Some homeowners, however, have expressed skepticism about septic-safe TP and whether they’re as biodegradable as the packaging claims.

Septic-Safe Toilet Paper 101

Our years of septic inspection and pumping and repairs have yielded a firm conclusion: septic-safe TP does in fact degrade faster than standard toilet paper and wet wipes.

So, what’s different about the septic-safe variety? It doesn’t contain bleach or artificial dye, which can kill the good bacteria that breaks down the paper. This isn’t to say that regular TP won’t dissolve; it just takes longer, which increases the risk of an eventual backup.

Septic-Safe Does NOT Equal RV-Safe

Since summer is here and people are planning camping trips, we thought we should discuss the difference between septic-safe and RV-safe toilet paper. The two are not necessarily interchangeable.

Here is the deal with camper septic systems: Most campsites have stations for hooking up your camper to the water and sewage system, enabling you to dispose of waste at your leisure. If you have access to these sites, then septic-safe toilet paper will suffice.

However, if you expect to be on the road most of the time or camp in a remote location without a hookup site, then you’re going to have to be much more conservative with your water use. Less water means slower TP biodegradability. To avoid the risk of a backup, only stick with TP that is specifically listed as RV-safe.

Prolong Your Septic’s Life

Contact Woodinville Septic Service for septic installation or maintenance. We especially recommend an inspection if you’ve been using standard TP. For a healthy and long-lasting system, please don’t throw in anything man-made into the septic besides septic-safe toilet paper.
Edited by Justin Vorhees

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